Friday, August 12, 2011

A great week

For a couple months now, I have been hosting a small prayer gathering once a week where we pray for life and for healing for 3 people:  my dad, a friend of ours, and the unborn baby of a friend's sister.  When both my dad and our friend, also a mother of three small boys, were diagnosed with "terminal" stage 4 cancer and we heard of this little child with terminal Potter's Syndrome (basically, no kidneys) all in the same week, it seemed clear that I needed to do something, anything, to help.  It was time to rally the troops in whatever way I could.

Given the busy stage of life we are in, I knew that about all I could commit to is hosting prayer.  With one of the twins in tow, of course!  I also knew that if no one came over to pray with me, I probably wasn't go to be able to truly enter into some serious intercession of my own.  Sad, but true these days.  So, Wednesday night it was.

The group varies a lot, often it's just 2 of us, but God always shows up in a BIG way each time and I have been deeply encouraged to continue to stand in faith for my father's healing.  Having a "terminally" ill parent is very emotionally stressful, as you can imagine, and strength often escapes me.  This prayer time has also been a wonderful source of encouraging and prophetic words that we can pass along to my dad, our friend and our friend's sister.  Our desire is to stand with them in these battles and be strength for them when they grow weary.

Well, it gives me tremendous joy to share with you that baby boy Caleb (not his real name) has kidneys.  Two perfect kidneys.  No joke.  There was no sign of blood vessels even going to that part of his body, no amniotic fluid was being producing, so his lungs weren't developing, etc, etc, etc.  Well, now he has 2 kidneys, her womb is full of amniotic fluid, which he's breathing, and his sweet little heart is pumping blood to his aforementioned miraculously perfect kidneys.  Can I get a "praise GOD?!?!?!?!?!"  Wow.  After an whole day with countless experts, they decided that this is an official medical miracle.  Praise God.  More appointments show that he won't even need surgery or medication for his lungs and heart.  Wow.  God is awesome!

Please share this story and please join us in praying for more miracles.  God is at work.  Spread the word.