Thursday, October 23, 2008

Broncos = Wildebeests

Watching the Denver Broncos on Monday night reminded me of a nature show I saw a while back with Heidi’s family. In the nature show, helpless Wildebeests wandered through Africa trying to find food and survive the various predators they encountered. The scene that stands out was when the poor creatures came up to the river for a drink and one by one were snatched and eaten by crocodiles. We were yelling at the TV for the poor dumb wildebeests to stay away but they kept just approaching the water until all the crocs were busy eating and the rest of the herd could safely get a drink. It was agony to witness the Broncos defense helplessly watch running backs go past them and receivers catch the ball with almost no fear of being tackled. To compound the misery, two of our best defensive players, the Bailey brothers, got hurt, one for the rest of the season and one for a month. The defense could not get a break because the offense lost three fumbles and Cutler tossed two interceptions. Cutler, our starting QB, hurt his hand on the first play of the game. Ramsey, the backup QB, went in for four plays and, on the fourth play, fumbled away the football after getting hit and is out for the rest of the year with an injured elbow. To ensure complete misery, the special teams were anything but special, letting Welker run for a 50 yard put return, setting up a Patriots touchdown. The Broncos are still 4-3 and lead the division but I have no hope for the season. The worst defense in the NFL, combined with a turnover prone offense does not give a fan much confidence. At least the Broncos were getting beat by the Patriots and not eaten by crocodiles. The way the season is now going, that is a possibility.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Japamberly says "Sianara USA!"

My good friend Amberly is a missionary in Japan, thus the nickname Japamberly (which a few of us all claim was our original idea, but don't be fooled, it was MINE, all mine!). She recently headed back over there for another couple years, but before she left, we had a little fun in Mankato being quite silly.
Trying on ridiculouly uncomfortable, but incredibly cute shoes and posing like a big pregnant dork.

I love, love, love cute shoes, but my feet love comfort. So I like to try them on at the store, but never buy them. I really like it when Tim takes me to DSW and sits there with his bribe of a frappaccino and let's me model cute shoes for him. I never buy them, which he appreciates, but he is still working on finding the fun of watching me take great joy in trying them on and asking him what he thinks. He hates it, but I love it that he indulges me. At least I buy him a treat!
Here's Am driving around Mankato. Go, Am, go!

Before watching the movie Super Size Me, I never wanted to eat at McDonalds, other my my short affair with the place in high school, that is. But ever since watching SSM, I LOVE McDonalds! It is a guilty pleasure that I don't often give in to though, which is obviously very good. Since being pregnant, though, the cravings are much stronger. I have only been a couple times, and am greatful to Am for indulging! Mmmmm...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Well rested in Seattle

Heidi and I were in Seattle last weekend to visit a church that wants to support us. We met the pastor of Philadelphia Church last April at our church's denominational gathering and he invited us out. It was a good trip and we enjoyed meeting people and seeing Seattle. In my humble opinion, Seattle is the most beautiful city in America. Strangely enough, much of our time was spend hanging out with five people from Long Island, NY, who flew in to be the cooks for the weekend. They were amazingly fun. The most bizarre occurance was getting invited to a wedding reception by a family in the church but not having a chance to change clothes first. So, there I was, wearing shorts and a knock off Senegalese soccer jersey and Heidi was wearing a baseball cap. It was great fun and great food, too. We will post pictures from the trip soon.
Some of our new friends from Long Island.

Heidi and her new best friend, Stan!

Our wedding crasher attire.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

More committed than ever.

I (Tim) intended to blog more about our trip to Senegal but have not. The short summary of the trip is that it was incredibly valuable and we are glad that we went. Aside from the Lord revealing some things to us, the most important thing we learned was that we are absolutely supposed to be there. Our calling to Senegal and the Wolof people was solidified in concrete and we have no doubts that God called us there and, despite the frustrating delays, has a plan to get us there well. We love our team and cannot wait to do ministry with them. We are more committed than ever and hope to be in Senegal next spring.

We are blessed in many ways, but one of them is that now we have a full house. On Saturday we moved into the downstairs unit of our duplex and, as of tomorrow, there will be four women living upstairs. They are Christian gals and Heidi and I like them a lot. Another woman will live downstairs with us for a couple months as she prepares for overseas ministry herself. We are happy that the Lord blessed us with good tenants.

Last Sunday was the worst possible football weekend for me. First, the Vikings lost. At least they played a decent game (until they made stupid mistakes at the end) and lost to one of the best teams in the NFL. Second, my fantasy football team lost because I did not know that Carson Palmer was injured. I was playing Robbie, whose team was also 3-0. Now my team is 3-1. Third, and worst of all, my Broncos lost to one of the most inept teams in the NFL. The offense turned over the ball four times and the defense showed that they not only give up lots of passing yards but also running yards. At least Zach was happy that the Chiefs finally won one. Now they can finish 1-15. Now that would be awesome.