Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Weekend Update

Did anyone else see the Season Finale of LOST? What a great show. Heidi and I did not see that end coming. I suspect that the survivors of Oceanic 815 are now in worse trouble than before. Hurley the hero was awesome. January is a long time to wait for new episodes.

We had a great holiday weekend. On Friday night Heidi and I walked around Lake Calhoun. Then, on Saturday we drove to Milwaukee with Peter and JG for a wedding. (This was after Heidi worked from 5 am to 9 am.) We arrived at Kevin and Marissa’s wedding with about 2 minutes to spare. It was a nice wedding and a fantastic reception. On Sunday we drove home, took a nap, and visited the Dan and Lindsey Lundberg’s new baby. What a cutie. I got up on Monday morning and went biking with my sister, Sally, and her family. After that I picked up Heidi and we headed to her parents place for lunch. I lost a couple games of Bocce ball and we all enjoyed the Batten’s new deck. Then we headed to Chris and Zong Heng’s house for some more food. They make the most amazing Asian food. I would rather go to their house than any Asian restaurant any day. Now we need another weekend to catch up on all the sleep we did not get in the last one.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A decent round

Last night I (Tim) played a round of disc golf at Acorn Park with Jer, Eric, and Nick. First we purchased some new discs at Fairway Flyerz. Nick, taking a practice throw before we even started, put his brand new driver in the pond. A guy that was walking by sold him a used driver for $5, and after the round Eric waded into the muck and retrieved Nick’s disc. We all played pretty well. I finished with a +9 on the day, which is a decent round for me. I enjoyed playing with those guys.

My nephew, Tim the Mann, is getting married on Saturday. I wish him and Amanda all the best. I love being married. If I had known how much fun it was, I would have done it years ago. Of course, when I was in college, Heidi was in Junior High, so that would not have worked so well. At least not in this state.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Sweet Baboo? Cause I love her a lot.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm so excited. . . and I just can't hide it. . .

I (Tim) loved the Transformers toys as a kid. You can imagine my excitement when I heard that a live action Transformers movie was in the works. Now I just have to hope that it is not awful. I figure the only way to ruin this movie would be to pull a Hulk (where they forgot to include the Hulk in the movie). If there are lots of big robots and explosions, I will be happy.

Here is the link to watch the trailer:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A weekend in Kansas City

Last Friday morning, Heidi and I loaded up the Mazda (also known as the Oven, since it has no AC) and headed south on I-35. We arrived in Centerville, Iowa around 4 pm. I played a round of disc golf at the city park while Heidi did some shopping. (I played poorly and lost a disc in the creek.) After that we drove over to Uncle Jim and Aunt Marla’s place. We spent an enjoyable evening eating and talking. Uncle Jim is Heidi’s great uncle and one of the more interesting people I have ever met.

After breakfast in Centerville, we got back in the Oven and drove to Kansas City. Heidi’s long time friend Tammy met us for lunch at Panera. Afterward, I left them to shop and do girl stuff while I met up with my buddy Peter for a round of disc golf. We had fun, even though he beat me by one stroke. The course we played, Swope Park, was great. After we finished I picked up Heidi and we shared an excellent meal with Peter and Elizabeth. Mention must be made of their awesome baby, Glorie. What a cutie. We enjoyed hanging out with them.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast with Peter and Elizabeth, and headed out for brunch with PJ, Heidi’s mother’s best friend, and her husband Joe. We had a good time. On the drive back home we had a passenger. Sue, a British woman who was returning home via Minnesota, rode back with us. She was great and never complained about how hot it was in our car, even with the windows down.

Over the course of the weekend we had four support appointments and I got to play two rounds of disc golf. I would call that a productive weekend. It was also the second time that we visited KC but did not spend time at the International House of Prayer. I guess we will need to return to KC again.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

An update by Tim

We have not given a financial support update recently, so here goes. We are at about 30% of our monthly support and about 65% of our cash project. We have our 2nd church officially on board and sending checks, with a couple more verbally committed. Our own church, Bethel Christian Fellowship, has committed to being our sending church, but has not given a support amount yet. BCF is an excellent missionary sending church, so we feel blessed that they want to send us. We are so grateful to everyone who has financially supported us thus far and those of you who are planning to join our financial support team. We are also grateful for the prayer warriors out there lifting us up. We cannot properly express our gratitude for you.

LOST is the best show on TV. (It is also the only show that Heidi and I watch regularly.) After that stupid episode about Jack’s tattoos earlier in the season, the show has totally redeemed itself. Last night’s episode was excellent. Uncle Rico rules.

Last Saturday Heidi and I attended the wedding of Carlos and Priscilla Conway at St. Paul Fellowship. It was a blast. The SPF crowd always has the best wedding dances. I love dancing with my Sweet Baboo.