Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Weekend Update

Did anyone else see the Season Finale of LOST? What a great show. Heidi and I did not see that end coming. I suspect that the survivors of Oceanic 815 are now in worse trouble than before. Hurley the hero was awesome. January is a long time to wait for new episodes.

We had a great holiday weekend. On Friday night Heidi and I walked around Lake Calhoun. Then, on Saturday we drove to Milwaukee with Peter and JG for a wedding. (This was after Heidi worked from 5 am to 9 am.) We arrived at Kevin and Marissa’s wedding with about 2 minutes to spare. It was a nice wedding and a fantastic reception. On Sunday we drove home, took a nap, and visited the Dan and Lindsey Lundberg’s new baby. What a cutie. I got up on Monday morning and went biking with my sister, Sally, and her family. After that I picked up Heidi and we headed to her parents place for lunch. I lost a couple games of Bocce ball and we all enjoyed the Batten’s new deck. Then we headed to Chris and Zong Heng’s house for some more food. They make the most amazing Asian food. I would rather go to their house than any Asian restaurant any day. Now we need another weekend to catch up on all the sleep we did not get in the last one.

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