Sunday, December 28, 2008

Very last pre-baby update

Tim and I are headed in to Abbott tonight for the prep for induction, which should take place tomorrow morning. We are praying that after the prep, I won't even need the induction, and obviously, I am praying for a quick and uncomplicated delivery. We hope to have a little baby in our arms within the next 24 hours! We will keep you all posted. Right now, we are mostly trying to stay calm and not let our nerves get the best of us :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real quick update

No baby yet. We continue to wait. When something happens, we'll post it here.

Yesterday I got a call from HR that I am still in the running for the position. I will hear in a couple weeks if I will get another interview. That's better than nothing, I guess.

Since my last blog, my Fantasty Football team got crushed in the championship game. Second place is not bad but first place is way better. Also, the Denver Broncos lost at home to a lousy team that has been playing lousy. If the Broncos lose on Sunday in San Diego, they will make NFL history for worst collapse at the end of the season and miss the playoffs. Sometimes I hate being a football fan.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Push Present

Yes, indeed, it is what you think it is: a present for pushing out a baby! A little silly, I know, but I got an email from a baby website a while back about push presents and I thought, that sounds pretty good. If I am giving Tim an heir, maybe he can give me a push present. So I sent the email to Tim with a suggestion to disregard the email's suggestion of engraved, keepsake jewelry as the present. That kind of jewelry isn't really my style, so I suggested an ipod instead. And sure enough, my sweet husband went for it! He gave it to me early so that I could load it with songs to listen to during the delivery, which hopefully, will be any day now.....waiting, waiting, waiting. I did ask Tim not to get me anything for Christmas, so I guess it ended up being an early Christmas present, but it's more fun to call it a push present! Not sure if push presents are retro-active ladies, but you could try!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


No baby yet. The official due date is tomorrow and he seems to like it inside Heidi, where he is warm and well fed. I will post something when he makes his debut.

A while back I interviewed at work for a promotion/department transfer. That was almost a month ago and I still have not heard anything back yet. Thanks for those of you that prayed for me. I guess now I won’t hear anything until after the holidays.

This weekend I am playing Jeremy Melander in the championship of our Fantasy Football league. This is my 10th season with that league and I have never played for the championship. In last night’s game, Jer had Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Maurice Jones-Drew starting and each had career nights. He already has 80 points from one game. I think my goose is cooked. At least the baby’s birth should keep me from being sad about getting to the big game and watching my team lose horribly.

Speaking of teams losing horribly, if my (yes, they are my team) Denver Broncos can win at home against the Buffalo Bills, they will make the playoffs and have at least one game in the thin air of the Mile High City. If the Broncos lose and the San Diego Chargers win, then the Broncos play the next week in San Diego and the winner of the game goes to the playoffs. If the Broncos lose the next two games and fail to make the playoffs, I will not leave my house for a month and use my John Elway jersey as toilet paper.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just a few more...

I don't really like seeing pictures of myself pregnant, but the rest of you seem to enjoy it, so here's one more! I wasn't even cooking, this is totally posed, but whatever.
For some reason aprons make the baby bump a bit more novel, or so I hear.
At my last baby shower, such a sweet little outfit, thanks Auntie Sharron!

Not really sure what we were doing, but I followed orders to join the pile...

Me and gramma!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Poor Tim

Any of you who have been to visit us lately and gotten a tour of our temporary new digs have seen the 2 beds in our room. Tim has been sleeping on a mattress at the foot of our bed :( Poor guy. When we got married, we foolishly bought a (very comfy) full size bed. Let me just say this: too small.

About a month or so ago we just couldn't do it anymore. With the 2 of us, the baby and the body pillow, I just wasn't sleeping anymore. So I said "babe, I am going to start sleeping in the guest room." My sweet, sweet baby daddy would have none of that :) and moved the guest mattress into our room and he sleeps there now. It is very sad though. I miss him! Every night, one of us (and sometimes it is indeed me!) crawls to the other's bed for a little snuggle before we say farewell until morning. Here is a visual for your viewing enjoyment.
Soon, my dear, very soon, you can come back!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some photo updates

Thought I should catch up on pics before baby comes and this blog becomes inundated with darling pics of our little sweetie. Jackson Oliver Chase is coming soon, about 2 1/2 weeks, hopefully sooner, but we'll see. I had my last day of work at MyTana today and they gave me a great little going away party. I am actually going to miss that place. Now I can rest, freeze some meals, and get ready for labor!

With Jenni and Sarah at a baby shower. So great to see you girls!

With Melissa, love you girl!

Super cute prego desserts that Sally made for the shower, gingerbread men with ice cream bellies, mmmmm

Tim and I at the Round Barn Farm B&B in Red Wing. We took the weekend as a little "babymoon" vacation before baby Chase arrives. So fun.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend update

The Thanksgiving weekend was great. We spent Wednesday and Thursday nights at Heidi’s parents house where they stuffed us with turkey, fixings, and desserts. Most of our time was spent relaxing and eating. It was a perfect holiday. I did drag my tired self out of bed at 5:45 am on Friday to buy a cordless drill at the Home Depot for 50% off. It is a really nice drill and I have wanted cordless one for a long time. It will serve me well in Africa. Anyone that knows me well knows that I don’t like mornings or shopping, especially alone, but I could not pass it up. Heidi said she was proud of me for braving Black Friday alone while she slept.

Friday night was spent home with my sister, Sally, and her family. She brought an amazing apple pie and Heidi made Cream Cheese Casserole, which is better than its name implies. Kent, my handy brother in law, helped me with a couple projects around the house that were a little beyond my comfort level. We enjoyed having everyone together in our house.

On Saturday we went bowling and had dinner with some of Heidi’s longtime friends. I am ashamed to admit that I lost to Tammy in one of the games but I did beat her in the next one. Her boyfriend, Dante, crushed both of us in the second game. Her brother and his wife joined us for dinner and ice cream after. Heidi and I had a great time hanging out with them.

Sunday was as good a day as the rest. I got some projects done around the house and Heidi made curtains for the baby’s room. As a special bonus, the Broncos put a hurtin’ on the NY Jets in NY (really New Jersey, but whatever) even though everyone said the Broncos should lose badly. I taped the game (on our VCR, I am so old school) and I will watch it tonight. It will be fun to savor a Broncos victory over a good team after watching last week’s humiliating loss to the Raiders.