Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend update

The Thanksgiving weekend was great. We spent Wednesday and Thursday nights at Heidi’s parents house where they stuffed us with turkey, fixings, and desserts. Most of our time was spent relaxing and eating. It was a perfect holiday. I did drag my tired self out of bed at 5:45 am on Friday to buy a cordless drill at the Home Depot for 50% off. It is a really nice drill and I have wanted cordless one for a long time. It will serve me well in Africa. Anyone that knows me well knows that I don’t like mornings or shopping, especially alone, but I could not pass it up. Heidi said she was proud of me for braving Black Friday alone while she slept.

Friday night was spent home with my sister, Sally, and her family. She brought an amazing apple pie and Heidi made Cream Cheese Casserole, which is better than its name implies. Kent, my handy brother in law, helped me with a couple projects around the house that were a little beyond my comfort level. We enjoyed having everyone together in our house.

On Saturday we went bowling and had dinner with some of Heidi’s longtime friends. I am ashamed to admit that I lost to Tammy in one of the games but I did beat her in the next one. Her boyfriend, Dante, crushed both of us in the second game. Her brother and his wife joined us for dinner and ice cream after. Heidi and I had a great time hanging out with them.

Sunday was as good a day as the rest. I got some projects done around the house and Heidi made curtains for the baby’s room. As a special bonus, the Broncos put a hurtin’ on the NY Jets in NY (really New Jersey, but whatever) even though everyone said the Broncos should lose badly. I taped the game (on our VCR, I am so old school) and I will watch it tonight. It will be fun to savor a Broncos victory over a good team after watching last week’s humiliating loss to the Raiders.

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