Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow. Lots of snow.

We got a lot of snow on Sunday. Nothing like my poor family and friends have been getting in Denver, but it was enough to make my wish I had a snow blower. The funny thing is that everyone was freaking out about it, as if this is not a normal thing in MN. In fact, if it had not been such a mild winter, people would not even think twice about it. Now we are supposed to get another major snow tomorrow. I don’t mid all the snow, but it would have been nice to space it out more.

I was not going to post anything about football until next fall, but I have to write a memorial. Damien Nash, the Broncos third or fourth string running back, died of heart failure last Saturday at age 24. There was not any alcohol, drugs, or foul play involved. Evidently he had an unknown heart condition that caused his heart to stop working. He was with his wife and 7 month old daughter at his St. Louis home when he collapsed. Doctors could not revive him. From all that I have heard, he was a decent kid who loved football. He is now the 2nd Broncos player to die since the first of the year. Did coach Shanahan make some kind of deal with the devil? (Satan, not Al Davis) What the heck is going on?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A balmy February day in Minnesota

Yesterday it was a balmy 46 degrees in Minneapolis, so Heidi and I took a walk around Lake Calhoun. First we visited Jamba Juice so that we would have enough energy to make it around. The east side of the lake was a little cold with the wind whipping across the ice, but we enjoyed being out in nature. I love walking and talking with my Sweet Baboo.

Upon finishing our walk, we headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a couple items. We ended up bringing some sushi home for dinner. It was tasty. During our excursion we felt like we were trendy Uptown residents. Every once in a while it is interesting to see how trendy people with money live, but that is not who we are or want to be.

Did anyone watch Lost last night? Heidi and I felt that it was a boring episode. There was a promise of mysteries being revealed, but what were they? The meaning of Jack’s tattoos? Who cares? I am not ready to give up on Lost yet, but they need to pick it up a little. It is moving too slowly for my taste.

I sure do love my sweetums.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight for supper I made heart shaped garlic-cheddar biscuits and heart shaped cupcakes with pink frosting and v-day sprinkles to be served on conversation heart valentine plates. (In addition to a meat, starch, and veggie of course!) Super cute. And I have heart shaped Gobstoppers on the table as a classy appetizer. Wow, I spoil Tim, you might be thinking. Well, I am sad to disappoint, but this is not for him. While he deserves the world for what an amazing husband he is to me :) , this is mostly for Kate, a friend who is coming over for dinner tonight to hear about Senegal. Wanted to bless her with a fun V-day since she's an available women :) - (Hope that's ok to say!!)

If we're still here next Vday we can invite some more of our single friends over for heart-shaped treats!!! Start the sign up sheet.

Some other friends of ours are still trying to find a way to "celebrate" be-headings today to honor ST. Valentine, who was martyred for his faith on this day.

Tim did give me flowers and candy. I just love Good 'N' Plenty's!!! Just wanted to give you a taste of our Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine: the new Napoleon Dynamite?

Heidi and I heard several times about this great new little indie movie, Little Miss Sunshine. When we found it in the Redbox, we figured it might be worth a dollar. In many ways, this movie is like Napoleon Dynamite, another indie movie that hit the big time. The similarities are many. Both movies feature quirky families with a grandparent that does not act their age. Both movies feature out of date houses and vans that almost serve as characters. (My first car had a problem with the horn similar to the VW bus.) Both movies feature a climactic dance sequence. Finally, both movies featured unique camera work, catchy lines, solid acting and redemption. However, there is one significant difference between the two movies. While Napoleon was PG rated and clean, LMS is dirty. Really dirty.

There were three problems I had with LMS. The first was that they used the F-word early and often. I had to check to make sure we were not watching a Quentin Tarantino or Spike Lee movie. Seriously, did copious amounts of swearing add to the plot? The second was the “gee, isn’t porn funny?” scenes. No, pornography is not funny. The final thing absolutely destroyed the movie for me. The climatic scene of the movie features a 7 year old girl doing a striptease as her talent at the pageant. That is not okay. Even though she was dressed the entire time and it was played for laughs, it was not okay. That is never okay.

For all the things that the filmmakers did right with LMS, there was just too much that was wrong about it. It feels to me like a waste.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's getting cold out here, so put on all your clothes. . .

We were spoiled this winter with some pretty mild weather, at least by Minnesota standards. That came to an end last week. Now we have been having weather that only exists in a Floridian’s worst nightmare. Yesterday it was -17 degrees when I (Tim) drove to work. Today the high will probably be somewhere around 7 degrees and by the weekend we may have highs around 14 degrees. To top it all off, there is hardly any snow. It has been a strange winter in Minnesota.

My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Taco Bells lions. Number 2 has to be David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey watching the game together for CBS. Good stuff. Did anyone else have a favorite?

Yesterday we had a training meeting with Paul McVety, our M:MM contact and the Herzbergs. After our meeting with Paul we headed to Chipotle (yum) with Joe and Cara and talked for a long time. It was fun to get to know them and just enjoy some fellowship. They are good people.

Our support raising continues to go well. We feel blessed.