Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight for supper I made heart shaped garlic-cheddar biscuits and heart shaped cupcakes with pink frosting and v-day sprinkles to be served on conversation heart valentine plates. (In addition to a meat, starch, and veggie of course!) Super cute. And I have heart shaped Gobstoppers on the table as a classy appetizer. Wow, I spoil Tim, you might be thinking. Well, I am sad to disappoint, but this is not for him. While he deserves the world for what an amazing husband he is to me :) , this is mostly for Kate, a friend who is coming over for dinner tonight to hear about Senegal. Wanted to bless her with a fun V-day since she's an available women :) - (Hope that's ok to say!!)

If we're still here next Vday we can invite some more of our single friends over for heart-shaped treats!!! Start the sign up sheet.

Some other friends of ours are still trying to find a way to "celebrate" be-headings today to honor ST. Valentine, who was martyred for his faith on this day.

Tim did give me flowers and candy. I just love Good 'N' Plenty's!!! Just wanted to give you a taste of our Valentine's Day!

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