Thursday, February 22, 2007

A balmy February day in Minnesota

Yesterday it was a balmy 46 degrees in Minneapolis, so Heidi and I took a walk around Lake Calhoun. First we visited Jamba Juice so that we would have enough energy to make it around. The east side of the lake was a little cold with the wind whipping across the ice, but we enjoyed being out in nature. I love walking and talking with my Sweet Baboo.

Upon finishing our walk, we headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a couple items. We ended up bringing some sushi home for dinner. It was tasty. During our excursion we felt like we were trendy Uptown residents. Every once in a while it is interesting to see how trendy people with money live, but that is not who we are or want to be.

Did anyone watch Lost last night? Heidi and I felt that it was a boring episode. There was a promise of mysteries being revealed, but what were they? The meaning of Jack’s tattoos? Who cares? I am not ready to give up on Lost yet, but they need to pick it up a little. It is moving too slowly for my taste.

I sure do love my sweetums.


Anonymous said...

Tim...what's up with the Broncos? Dropping like flies? Crazy stuff. Sushi Rules! Later. Matty D

Anonymous said...

OK. So I stop by to say, "Goodbye" to my daughter on Wednesday night and she totally ignors me because she is watchign "Lost" with you and a couple others and now I read it was a looser episode and it was slow and boring. Such abuse a mother has to take, eh? HUMMMMMMMM!

Unknown said...

sorry P Diane!