Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow. Lots of snow.

We got a lot of snow on Sunday. Nothing like my poor family and friends have been getting in Denver, but it was enough to make my wish I had a snow blower. The funny thing is that everyone was freaking out about it, as if this is not a normal thing in MN. In fact, if it had not been such a mild winter, people would not even think twice about it. Now we are supposed to get another major snow tomorrow. I don’t mid all the snow, but it would have been nice to space it out more.

I was not going to post anything about football until next fall, but I have to write a memorial. Damien Nash, the Broncos third or fourth string running back, died of heart failure last Saturday at age 24. There was not any alcohol, drugs, or foul play involved. Evidently he had an unknown heart condition that caused his heart to stop working. He was with his wife and 7 month old daughter at his St. Louis home when he collapsed. Doctors could not revive him. From all that I have heard, he was a decent kid who loved football. He is now the 2nd Broncos player to die since the first of the year. Did coach Shanahan make some kind of deal with the devil? (Satan, not Al Davis) What the heck is going on?

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