Friday, April 27, 2007

It may have been the game of my life.

Yesterday I (Tim) ventured out to Acorn Park in Roseville for a round of Disc Golf with Eric Unger. It may have been the game of my life. I had three birdies on the day and finished at +7. It would have been a +6, but my shot for bogie on 18 rimmed out. The best I have ever played at Acorn before was a +8. It was a beautiful day with a light wind. Eric lost his only driver to the pond on Hole 1 and did not have such a good round. Life is good.

Last night’s Young Adult Bible Study (YABS) was great. Julie led us in an activity where everyone shared what we appreciated about each other. Afterward we had smoothies. Treats and affirmation. Does it get any better than that?

Heidi is my favorite.

Monday, April 23, 2007

headache update and prayer request

About 2 years ago, I made a decision to stop seeking medical treatment for my headaches b/c I didn't want anything (like medication) to stand in the way of my knowledge of what I knew God was going to do in healing me. Near the end of summer I felt called to re-evaluate this decision and I "told" God that I was willing to go back to a Dr. but I wanted Him to make it clear and I even had some specific terms. I bet God just loves it when we pray like that!! :P In December, the Lord answered my prayer to the T and through a prophetic word, I knew which Dr. I needed to go see. So I have been seeing a dentist for the past few months primarily focusing on my jaw with some physical therapy and a splint to get me re-aligned. I am headed in for another appointment this Wednesday morning and I would be greatly blessed by your prayers. Before I see the dental team, I have a cranio-sacral appointment, aka physical therapy for my head. It works with pressure points and the plates of the skull, as well as some of the muscles in my mouth.

This will be the second splint that we have tried so please pray for accuracy. If the splint wasn't made right, pray that God perfects it before Wednesday! The last time I went in for this cranio-sacral therapy I was in so much pain that it knocked me out for two days. I know the treatment is beneficial, but it still hurts. Please pray that God would work through these treatments and bring healing to my body. Thanks!

Here's a fun pic of all the gear I had to wear to get fitted for the splints. I had to do all this twice! It took 4 hours each time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Moments we will never forget

Back in 1993, my mother called me and told me how five people were shot at the Chuck E Cheese in Aurora, CO. Four people died that night at the hands of a sixteen year old boy with a grudge. My good friend Duane Trantham worked there (he was the guy in the suit) and had gone home less than 30 minutes before the killing occurred. I will never forget that phone call.

A sunny day in April, 1999, I heard over the radio about a school shooting at Columbine High School while I drove a van full of teenage boys to a track meet in Wisconsin. The first few reports did not identify which Denver area high school and my imagination began to run wild.

On September 11, 2001, I vividly remember Chris Heng telling me through the bathroom door about a plane hitting the World Trade Center and that I should probably listen to the radio on my way to work.

Some things will never be forgotten. Some things should never be forgotten. I think about these things as the worst campus shooting in United States history just took place at Virginia Tech. A place known for football and engineering, it will now forever be known for April 16, 2007. Many people will never be able to get that day out of their minds. Many lives have been changed forever.

These are the times when saying “God is in control”, is just not quite enough. We need something deeper. Sometimes we need to cry out in our prayers. It is no coincidence that many of the Psalms are songs of lament. In these situations I find Psalm 10 encouraging. Psalm 10:18 says the Lord hears our cries and defends us “. . .in order than man, who is of this earth, may terrify no more.” There will be trouble in this world, but God is good and someday justice and peace will reign. In the meantime, no matter what happens, it is true that God is still in control.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It freezes us!

It has been abnormally cold in MN. We are even supposed to get snow overnight and during the day tomorrow. Yuck.

On Saturday, Dan Lundberg and I played the coldest round of disc golf either of us ever played. The wind was awful. We both played terrible. At the start, the temp was about 20 degrees, but it did warm up some while we played. I also lost a disc in the water on hole 9 (we played Acorn Park in Roseville). The disc was floating upside down next to the ice, but the ice was too thin to hold me and I was not going into wade into water when the air temp was 20 degrees. There were not any sticks long enough, either. I loved that disc. Oh well.

Heidi and I had a good time on Easter Sunday with Sally (my sister) and Kent. Chase and Carver had an Easter egg hunt, but it was a little cold, so we did not stay out long. Easter is supposed to be a spring holiday.

Sally and Kent gave me a sweet "Life is good" t-shirt with an Ultimate Frisbee player on it. I love it.