Monday, June 30, 2008

Updates and random thoughts

I (Tim) played one of, if the not best, round of Disc Golf ever on Saturday morning. There were six of us that got up early and barely beat the rain at the Bethel University course. The players were Dan, Brian, Phil, Grant, Dave (my sister Amy’s fiancĂ©), and myself. The scores were pretty tight until the end. On hole #9 I took a five and thought that my goose was cooked, however, two long par putts later and I found myself in the lead with four holes left. With some good fortune and a couple great drives I ended up winning the round. I never beat those guys, so it was particularly sweet.

We got in some good family time this weekend. On Saturday night we had both my sisters and staying at our house, which was a little tight. After church on Sunday, we all ate at Chipotle and spent some time at Minneahaha Falls. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time. We will post the pictures later. It is good to be with family.

I finally joined Facebook. It is a good way to keep track of people and I have already made contact with people I have not seen in years. It is a slick site.

A couple weeks ago Heidi and I were in the mood for a fun movie, but instead ended up with Fool’s Gold. It is a forgettable movie where the previews showed all the funny parts. Seriously, there was not a single joke in the movie that was not already revealed in the preview. It was directed by the guy who made Hitch, but it was an inferior movie in every way.

I sure do love Heidi. Especially with her special glow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tim's niece made a new friend

My Niece, Christi “the” Mann, is spending the summer with her father in Nashville, TN. In the fall she will be a Junior at Grace College in northern Indiana. Since she does not know anyone in Nashville, and the church her Dad and Grandmother attend did not result in making new friends, she signed up for an Improv class. The first friend she made in the class was a woman who is a few years older than her named Rebecca. Christi’s new friend casually mentioned that she had moved to the U.S. from Australia when she was a teenager and has recorded a few Christian CDs. Since everyone in Nashville has recorded a few CDs, Christi did not think much of it. After a few weeks of performing in skits together and enjoying hanging out with her new friend, Christi decided that something seemed familiar about her. After checking the internet, she discovered that her new friend is Rebecca St. James, a well know Christian singer/songwriter. I give props to Rebecca St. James for being so friendly and sweet to a young woman who was new to town. I was already a fan of her music (I even gave Christi one of her CDs for Christmas a few years ago) and now I am a fan of her as a person.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mpls in the summertime

One thing we love about living in South Mpls is the lakes. It is glorious being so close to the major lake chain: Isles, Calhoun, Harriet, and Nokomis. We walked a lake three times this week and it was wonderful. Tim and I have some of our best conversations when we walk, something about the fresh air and beautiful surroundings gets our mental juices flowing! This afternoon we did Nokomis and it was lovely. Perfect weather for trying out new sun hat. Caribou was giving out free drinks today from 3-4, but we didn't make it over there. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Memorial Day Camping

I am a little behind on posting, but here are some pictures from our super fun camping trip to St. Croix State Park over the long weekend. The Watsons are from church and we became fast friends! Sadly, they are moving to Singapore tomorrow. We are really going to miss them!! Katie and Julia and our nephew, Carver

Chases and Watsons

Chases and Lundholms, Tim's sister

Lundholms and was a regular photo shoot!!

Sally got a ton of marshmellow smeared in her hair when she swatted at a mosquito not knowing the mallow was all over her hand. It was pretty funny. Sorry Sal! Obviously, this picture doesn't convey the real humor. It was funny. But if I have to tell you that, what's the point?

Phil and Amy frying up some tasty bacon for breaky!

Me and my girls!

Hanging out at the playground. The bugs were really bad that weekend, which was a big bummer. It was worth it though, to make some memories before they ship out! We're gonna miss you guys, see you at Christmas!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A sad post

Yesterday a dear friend of Heidi's family passed away. Don Swenson, who is survived by his wife, Angela, suffered heart failure at their home. I believe he was in his late 40s. He was a jovial man who provided Heidi and I with some great stories and he will be greatly missed. Please be in prayer for his wife and for Heidi and her family. They are taking this pretty hard. We are encouraged that we know that he is with Jesus, whom Don served his entire life. Welcome home, Don. We will miss you.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

we love weddings!

In May, we were blessed to attend 2 weddings: Steve and Emily Mattson, friends from church and Joe and Julia Novik, a dear friend of mine from high school. Ju and I both went to the U and now they are both Dr.s in New York City.Me and Julia
Julia looking stunning in her gown. They had a lovely outdoor wedding at a great place in Stillwater.

Her very interesting cake decorated by another friend from high school. Yep, those are trout and cattails.
Enjoying our kiddie cocktails at Steve and Emily's wedding. I don't actually have any pictures of the happy couple.....We had a great time at this wedding and wooped it up on the dance floor.

Nate aka Jeff Foxworthy and his crazy 'stash.

Good times with friends.

Another newly wed couple, Ben and Brenda, having a ball!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Strange sights, summer in the city. . .

I have lived in the city long enough that not much surprises me. Every once in a while, though, I’ll look out the window and call Heidi over, saying, “you have to see this.” We had seen some kids earlier playing in a puddle on the edge of our driveway, right by the alley. It can be 3 or 4 inches deep after a heavy rain. The kids were riding their bikes through the puddle and washing their feet in it. A while after they got bored and moved on, I moved our trash bins and recycling containers into that spot for the next morning’s pickup. Not long after that, I heard the sound of kids playing again. This time they were using the puddle as a wading pool and had moved our trash cans and recycling bins into the middle of the alley. After coating themselves in mud and splashing each other, they headed back down the alley, leaving our stuff in the middle. As I again put the cans and bins in the proper place for the next morning, I thought about how people who live outside of the city never get to see things like this. They sure are missing out.

Now for some football news. Denver Broncos running back and father of nine children with nine women (none of whom he married), Travis Henry, has been released from the team. Last season it was hard to cheer for him knowing what kind of guy he was. Now I can cheer for the Broncos starting running back without that tinge of guilt. Good for Coach Shanahan for getting rid of the problem children and making room for the good guys.

Last week’s season finale of LOST was great. With LOST and The Office on summer break, there is officially nothing worth watching on TV, which is good, since our set is old and doesn’t work very well any more.