Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Strange sights, summer in the city. . .

I have lived in the city long enough that not much surprises me. Every once in a while, though, I’ll look out the window and call Heidi over, saying, “you have to see this.” We had seen some kids earlier playing in a puddle on the edge of our driveway, right by the alley. It can be 3 or 4 inches deep after a heavy rain. The kids were riding their bikes through the puddle and washing their feet in it. A while after they got bored and moved on, I moved our trash bins and recycling containers into that spot for the next morning’s pickup. Not long after that, I heard the sound of kids playing again. This time they were using the puddle as a wading pool and had moved our trash cans and recycling bins into the middle of the alley. After coating themselves in mud and splashing each other, they headed back down the alley, leaving our stuff in the middle. As I again put the cans and bins in the proper place for the next morning, I thought about how people who live outside of the city never get to see things like this. They sure are missing out.

Now for some football news. Denver Broncos running back and father of nine children with nine women (none of whom he married), Travis Henry, has been released from the team. Last season it was hard to cheer for him knowing what kind of guy he was. Now I can cheer for the Broncos starting running back without that tinge of guilt. Good for Coach Shanahan for getting rid of the problem children and making room for the good guys.

Last week’s season finale of LOST was great. With LOST and The Office on summer break, there is officially nothing worth watching on TV, which is good, since our set is old and doesn’t work very well any more.

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Unknown said...

those kids were really dirty. it was gross.