Wednesday, June 04, 2008

we love weddings!

In May, we were blessed to attend 2 weddings: Steve and Emily Mattson, friends from church and Joe and Julia Novik, a dear friend of mine from high school. Ju and I both went to the U and now they are both Dr.s in New York City.Me and Julia
Julia looking stunning in her gown. They had a lovely outdoor wedding at a great place in Stillwater.

Her very interesting cake decorated by another friend from high school. Yep, those are trout and cattails.
Enjoying our kiddie cocktails at Steve and Emily's wedding. I don't actually have any pictures of the happy couple.....We had a great time at this wedding and wooped it up on the dance floor.

Nate aka Jeff Foxworthy and his crazy 'stash.

Good times with friends.

Another newly wed couple, Ben and Brenda, having a ball!

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