Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Memorial Day Camping

I am a little behind on posting, but here are some pictures from our super fun camping trip to St. Croix State Park over the long weekend. The Watsons are from church and we became fast friends! Sadly, they are moving to Singapore tomorrow. We are really going to miss them!! Katie and Julia and our nephew, Carver

Chases and Watsons

Chases and Lundholms, Tim's sister

Lundholms and was a regular photo shoot!!

Sally got a ton of marshmellow smeared in her hair when she swatted at a mosquito not knowing the mallow was all over her hand. It was pretty funny. Sorry Sal! Obviously, this picture doesn't convey the real humor. It was funny. But if I have to tell you that, what's the point?

Phil and Amy frying up some tasty bacon for breaky!

Me and my girls!

Hanging out at the playground. The bugs were really bad that weekend, which was a big bummer. It was worth it though, to make some memories before they ship out! We're gonna miss you guys, see you at Christmas!

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