Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The game of my life and Baby's Daddies

On Saturday morning at Acorn Park, I (Tim) beat Dan Lundberg in Disc Golf for only the third time ever. Dan is the Tiger Woods of Disc Golf, only more dominant. Nobody in our group of semi-regular players has ever beaten him. Except me. Granted, I have only won three times in 11 years of playing, but I still consider it a major victory. Going into hole #18, we were tied. My first shot hit a branch on the way out of the trees and landed on the path. My second shot was too low and landed ten feet behind Dan’s first shot. My third shot was almost perfect, putting me a long putt from the hole, while Dan’s shot went into the trees. My long putt, from about 25 feet away landed perfectly in the basket, while Dan’s shot hit the side. I finished at +7 while Dan finished at +8. Victory was sweet, even when I have to have the game of my life and Dan has to play terribly for me to win.

Heidi once overheard a woman say, “that’s just my baby’s Daddy” in reference to a man who was nearby. That sentence is a sad commentary on our times. Travis Henry, the new starting running back for the Denver Broncos, just set a new record for “baby’s Daddies”. He has nine children with nine women in four states. The previous record holders for professional athletes, Shawn Kemp and Evander Holyfield, at least had a couple children with the same woman. (Holyfield draws my ire for claiming to be an Evangelical Christian, but is also alleged to have nine children out of wedlock with at least four women.) As much as I love Broncos football, I will have a hard time cheering for Henry. For another take on Henry, follow this link: http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/story/10319804/1

Monday, August 27, 2007

State Fair take 2

Thanks for all the comments on your fave foods at the Fair, we are headed out there again today. We're volunteering for a few hours and then hitting the great MN get together again. On Friday night Tim enjoyed the corn, pronto pup, ice cream, milk, and scotch egg. I had some mini-doughnuts, deep fried pickles and milk. We also split some garlic fries, cheese curds, Martha's cookies and malts with friends throughout the night. Strangely, we weren't even stuffed when we left!!!! Small amounts of everything is a good thing!

Tonight I am getting my deep friend candy bar, but then I will leave my options open. It feels like we have had a 5 day weekend of sorts. With some friends and family in town, 2 trips to the Fair and a lovely 20 mile bike ride last night with a picnic supper thrown in, the weekend has been quite fun. Tim still had to work normal hours, and I haven't been feeling too well, but we have had some positive distractions. This has been nice considering our house going on the market today. It's good to have something else to think about. Please pray that our duplex will sell quickly at a price we can afford to accept. Thanks!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fair, the Fair, What to Eat at the Fair

Tim and I will be gracing the MN State Fair grounds twice this year. Once with friends on Friday night and again on Monday evening. We are volunteering at a booth for Tim's job on Monday and b/c of that we get in free. So my big question is...what should we eat?? Already on my list are some obvious choices:

deep friend candy bar
deep friend pickles (delicious!!)

Other than those, I may have to choose spontaneously. So tell me, what do you usually eat at the Fair??

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tim's thought's for free!

Last Sunday I played an epic disc golf game with Zach “the Hurricane” Thompson at the course in Edina. With five holes to go I led by one stroke. On that hole I took a bogie while Zach birdied it. He ended up finishing at -1 while I finished with at even. It was the best round either of us had ever played at that course. Too bad he lives in the Deep South and we don’t get to play often.

I saw Transformers for the third time. Chris Heng joined me for this viewing. It was awesome again. In fact, the third viewing was the best. What a great movie. I love giant, battling robots.

The new Project 86 album is good. Dang good.

The NFL preseason is here. I hate the preseason. It has games that don’t matter while my favorite players get hurt. What a dumb idea. They should go straight from training camp into the regular 16 game season.

Fantasy Football season is almost here. This year I will have to limit myself to 2 leagues. The last two years I was in 4 leagues and that was too much.

I did some great shopping at Kohl’s on Wednesday night with Heidi and her mom, Lyn. I scored 5 shirts and some jeans for about $50. While I already dislike shopping, it is harder when I can only buy things that will work in Africa. Everything I got should work out fine. I also bought two pairs of Umbro shorts from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $10 each. Good deals are my friend.

I sure do love Heidi.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend we attended a wedding and an ordination. The brother of a good friend of Heidi's got married on Friday night. (We actually sort of invited ourselves to this wedding!) It was great to be a part of their special day :) Congratulations TJ and Anisha!The mother and sisters of the groom. Hot mamas! The one on the right is single fellas.

Heidi and Tammy

Tim's best friend Chris got ordained on Saturday by the Twin Cities Hmong Baptist Church. He's actually Chinese, but I guess they don't mind. His wife Zong is Hmong though. It was great to see friends, be there to see the ceremony and eat some delicious Hmong food. Not quite as good as if Zong had made it all herself, but it was still fantastic!
Congratulations Chris! He is now the Sr. Pastor!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

We're OK

Well, most of you have probably heard about what happened last night on 35W, around 6pm the bridge crossing the Mississippi fell into the river. Tim and I are both ok. We both drove that bridge twice yesturday, Tim missed the fall by about 45 minutes. We haven't heard of any friends who were personally affected by this. And we pray that we won't hear any of that news in the coming days. We did bike down there last night since we live so close. I don't know what it is, but we wanted to see for ourselves what really happened. It was horrific. And there aren't words to describe it, but here are some pictures we took. We are praying for the families of those were killed. Right now there are 4 confirmed deaths, but many are still unaccounted for and rescue efforts continue to find more bodies. There are many people who need a miracle right now. Knowing who our God is, let's join them in praying for their miracles.

More pictures