Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fair, the Fair, What to Eat at the Fair

Tim and I will be gracing the MN State Fair grounds twice this year. Once with friends on Friday night and again on Monday evening. We are volunteering at a booth for Tim's job on Monday and b/c of that we get in free. So my big question is...what should we eat?? Already on my list are some obvious choices:

deep friend candy bar
deep friend pickles (delicious!!)

Other than those, I may have to choose spontaneously. So tell me, what do you usually eat at the Fair??


Anonymous said...

Hey sis, you already know that Tim and I both dig scotch eggs. Yum! But my favorite thing to do is buy a bucket of Martha's cookies and then go hang around the all-you-can-drink milk bar and gorge. I think that I'll have to pick up a grilled ear of corn, too.


Joe H. said...

You have to get cheese curds whether you like it or not - it's just a fair thing - i always get them and then feel sick but if you don't feel sick at the fair then your not truly at the fair. yep, cheese curds.

Anonymous said...

Cheese curds of course!

We always get cheese curds. We just came from the fair and the kids had a great time.

Kari Smith said...

1. first, I am going to be at the fair as well on monday night so i will keep my eyes peeled for you guys!

2. my most favorite fair food is aussie fries!! Huge pieces of potato deep fried (because that's what they do at the fair with everything imaginable! They are truly divine...especially when smothered with ketchup and ranch dressing! my other favorite fair foods are mini donuts and cheese curds...the good old standards!