Friday, December 19, 2008


No baby yet. The official due date is tomorrow and he seems to like it inside Heidi, where he is warm and well fed. I will post something when he makes his debut.

A while back I interviewed at work for a promotion/department transfer. That was almost a month ago and I still have not heard anything back yet. Thanks for those of you that prayed for me. I guess now I won’t hear anything until after the holidays.

This weekend I am playing Jeremy Melander in the championship of our Fantasy Football league. This is my 10th season with that league and I have never played for the championship. In last night’s game, Jer had Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Maurice Jones-Drew starting and each had career nights. He already has 80 points from one game. I think my goose is cooked. At least the baby’s birth should keep me from being sad about getting to the big game and watching my team lose horribly.

Speaking of teams losing horribly, if my (yes, they are my team) Denver Broncos can win at home against the Buffalo Bills, they will make the playoffs and have at least one game in the thin air of the Mile High City. If the Broncos lose and the San Diego Chargers win, then the Broncos play the next week in San Diego and the winner of the game goes to the playoffs. If the Broncos lose the next two games and fail to make the playoffs, I will not leave my house for a month and use my John Elway jersey as toilet paper.

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