Friday, October 10, 2008

Well rested in Seattle

Heidi and I were in Seattle last weekend to visit a church that wants to support us. We met the pastor of Philadelphia Church last April at our church's denominational gathering and he invited us out. It was a good trip and we enjoyed meeting people and seeing Seattle. In my humble opinion, Seattle is the most beautiful city in America. Strangely enough, much of our time was spend hanging out with five people from Long Island, NY, who flew in to be the cooks for the weekend. They were amazingly fun. The most bizarre occurance was getting invited to a wedding reception by a family in the church but not having a chance to change clothes first. So, there I was, wearing shorts and a knock off Senegalese soccer jersey and Heidi was wearing a baseball cap. It was great fun and great food, too. We will post pictures from the trip soon.
Some of our new friends from Long Island.

Heidi and her new best friend, Stan!

Our wedding crasher attire.

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