Thursday, October 23, 2008

Broncos = Wildebeests

Watching the Denver Broncos on Monday night reminded me of a nature show I saw a while back with Heidi’s family. In the nature show, helpless Wildebeests wandered through Africa trying to find food and survive the various predators they encountered. The scene that stands out was when the poor creatures came up to the river for a drink and one by one were snatched and eaten by crocodiles. We were yelling at the TV for the poor dumb wildebeests to stay away but they kept just approaching the water until all the crocs were busy eating and the rest of the herd could safely get a drink. It was agony to witness the Broncos defense helplessly watch running backs go past them and receivers catch the ball with almost no fear of being tackled. To compound the misery, two of our best defensive players, the Bailey brothers, got hurt, one for the rest of the season and one for a month. The defense could not get a break because the offense lost three fumbles and Cutler tossed two interceptions. Cutler, our starting QB, hurt his hand on the first play of the game. Ramsey, the backup QB, went in for four plays and, on the fourth play, fumbled away the football after getting hit and is out for the rest of the year with an injured elbow. To ensure complete misery, the special teams were anything but special, letting Welker run for a 50 yard put return, setting up a Patriots touchdown. The Broncos are still 4-3 and lead the division but I have no hope for the season. The worst defense in the NFL, combined with a turnover prone offense does not give a fan much confidence. At least the Broncos were getting beat by the Patriots and not eaten by crocodiles. The way the season is now going, that is a possibility.

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