Thursday, October 02, 2008

More committed than ever.

I (Tim) intended to blog more about our trip to Senegal but have not. The short summary of the trip is that it was incredibly valuable and we are glad that we went. Aside from the Lord revealing some things to us, the most important thing we learned was that we are absolutely supposed to be there. Our calling to Senegal and the Wolof people was solidified in concrete and we have no doubts that God called us there and, despite the frustrating delays, has a plan to get us there well. We love our team and cannot wait to do ministry with them. We are more committed than ever and hope to be in Senegal next spring.

We are blessed in many ways, but one of them is that now we have a full house. On Saturday we moved into the downstairs unit of our duplex and, as of tomorrow, there will be four women living upstairs. They are Christian gals and Heidi and I like them a lot. Another woman will live downstairs with us for a couple months as she prepares for overseas ministry herself. We are happy that the Lord blessed us with good tenants.

Last Sunday was the worst possible football weekend for me. First, the Vikings lost. At least they played a decent game (until they made stupid mistakes at the end) and lost to one of the best teams in the NFL. Second, my fantasy football team lost because I did not know that Carson Palmer was injured. I was playing Robbie, whose team was also 3-0. Now my team is 3-1. Third, and worst of all, my Broncos lost to one of the most inept teams in the NFL. The offense turned over the ball four times and the defense showed that they not only give up lots of passing yards but also running yards. At least Zach was happy that the Chiefs finally won one. Now they can finish 1-15. Now that would be awesome.


jer said...

Tim...I question the sincerity of your comments about the Vikings, since when I lived up there you called them the Vi-queens all the time.

NoOtherName said...


Jenn (Kelson) Prestrud told me to look you up. Senegal, huh? AWESOME! I am excited for you, your wife, and your baber on the way. 70% is almost there! See you on facebook.

Crazy J