Sunday, November 13, 2005

Interview update

Well, we made it through the long day of questions and treated ourselves to frosties on the way home. Tim got "worked over" a little more than I did, but overall the interviews went really well for both of us and we feel good about them. We will hear back from M:MM in about 10 days with their decision. Then we'll have a week or so to make our own decision.

This week we are dog/house sitting in Otsego, MN for some family friends and their crazy little dogs. Three little Lasa Opsas (sp??) named Baby Bear, Sissy Girl, and Mr. Muffin Man. Tim hasn't quite warmed up to calling them by their proper names yet though. So far, there have been two BAs (bowel accidents) and it's only been about 16 hours. Hopefully this isn't a sign for what's to come.

Oh, our friend have stacks of great dvds and a monster TV, so if anyone wants to come and visit this week, give us a call!!


Nicole MacIver Okiring said...

I looked up the website you gave me for this organization. It looks great! Where/what will you be going/doing?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they grilled Tim. Someone should!

House & Dog sitting huh? I have done some of that over the past couple weeks. I had a couple reminds me of why I don't have pets.


Unknown said...

no doubt!

our last day there, I came home to find that one of them had chewed up Tim's bible. :( the one from Chris and Zong's wedding. double :(