Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tim's thoughts on a beautiful April day.

These are my thoughts today.
• The new Plumb album, “Chaotic Resolve” is amazing. Out of the 4 Plumb albums, this is easily the best. It has the rock of the first album with the real life lyrics for which Plumb is known. This is as good as anything on mainstream radio, and if there is any fairness in the entertainment industry, this album should receive awards and airplay. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album.
• Heidi and I watched two movies recently. Both were terrible, but for different reasons. The first, a Sixth Sense rip-off called Stay was well acted and directed with style, but made absolutely no sense. We watched it with Chris and Zong and when the movie ended, we all said, “what the heck?” It was not even like Memento where everyone would talk about it afterwards, we just agreed “that was dumb” and moved on. The other movie that Heidi and I saw at the cheap seats was The Family Stone. If this movie was supposed to be a comedy, then it was not funny. If it was supposed to be a drama, it was not dramatic. It succeeded in being a chick flick, in that all the males cried the whole movie and everyone that was single at the start was dating someone at the end. Please do not waste your time with either film. (Heidi does share my opinion of both movies.)
• I forget to put on the blog that the HR position that I really wanted went to someone else. It bums be out, but life goes on. Work has been more interesting lately, so that is good.
• Yesterday Heidi and I enjoyed the good weather by running on the Greenway. We did not stay together the whole time, but it worked out well. Running with Heidi is the most fun way to go running. I sure do love my wife.


Am said...

Hey Tim! I watched The Family Stone and I totally agree with you. I usually like chick flicks, but I couldn't wait for this movie to end! And when it did end, I hated the ending! I wish I wouldn't have wasted that hour and a half! Anyway, sorry about your job, that's a bummer, but I'm glad it's getting better. Glad you and Heidi are enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

Anonymous said...

I usually like chick flicks and I avoided family stone like the plague...I should have warned you