Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick update catch-up

My culinary desires have changed quite a bit since becoming prego and one of the things that I used to love is coffee. While I don't really care for it much these days, every so often a little taste hits the spot. So here I am enjoying a baby-sized cup of joe. I love that little cup! Too bad I have since broken it. :(

Some pictures over the 4th of July weekend during a stop for lunch at Mom and Dad's on the way up to Fergus Falls. I was about 16 weeks in this picture. I will note that when we arrived in Fergus, Sally's friend Wendy said hello by exclaiming, "wow, Heidi, you really ARE quite pregnant, aren't you!?" Huh. Thanks Wendy. :)
Our first tri-generational pic! Grandma, momma, and baby
Tim and I have been trying to squeeze in some fun dates this summer before our limitless freedom to go out is hindered by baby. No that we actually go out that much, but anyway, we are actually making an effort to do so these days. Tim planned this one, dinner at Conga (delicious latin tasties!), a walk in St. Anthony, a movie with friends (Iron Man - excellant) and ice cream at Izzy's (gotta love the Izzy scoop). All told, a wonderful evening! We got mango margaritas, but don't worry, mine was virgin! So tasty.

Team Chase!
My papa on the 4th of July, looking stylin' and going to be a grandpa!
It would seem that I got my mother's coloring, huh?


Sarah said...

Hi Heidi! I just came across your blog... we met back at the FCA convention when you prayed for us. I see you are pregnant...congratulations! We are too! well, I am. :) God really does do miracles!

Am said...

wow, I can't believe you're not drinking coffee!!

philthecarl said...

Glad to hear that you're enjoying life to the fullest! Sorry about your little coffee cup.

A note to the women of the house:

You mentioned how once the baby comes it may hinder your freedom to go out...well I therefore propose, yea implore you, to let Tim play as much disc golf with me as he is able to endure so long as it strengthens your marriage (and as we all know, the more disc golf, the better the marriage - especially when both partners play the golf)).

I hope you're have a wonderful trip in your future home!

You guys rock!