Thursday, November 13, 2008

Barnabas Team

Bethlehem Baptist has missionary support teams for the missionaries they send out and after hearing about it first hand from our teammates, Tim and I thought it was a pretty sweet idea, so we "copied" them and started one of our own about a year ago. Our Barnabas Team is a group of people from different areas of our life that get together once a month to pray for us and for our ministry. It has been a blessing to be a part of it while we are still in the States, but I imagine it will be even more vital to our well-being once we are in Senegal. We like to think of our team as our inner-circle of support, those at home holding the ropes for us.

We also had the privilege of visiting Joe and Cara's Barnabas Team about 2 weeks ago and joining with their friends to pray for them as well as give and eye-witness update on how they are doing. It was a great encouragement to us to see how much this group of believers has personally taken on the ministry of our team through Joe and Cara. The depth of their concern for our friends and for the Wolof people was tremendous. It re-affirmed to us that we can't be successful in this endeavor without the prayer support of the body of Christ.

If you have any questions about our barnabas team or would like to visit one of our prayer times, please let us know!

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