Tuesday, August 18, 2009


To some people, it seemed crazy that Tim and I would bring a small child overseas. People often asked us, ‘are you bringing your son with you?’ What?! Uh, yep.

To others, it seemed crazy that we would raise monthly financial support. To that we say, our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

What seems crazy to us is that in the end, God asked us to stay here. At a time when so few are willing to serve overseas, especially among the unreached, God asked us to stay. We were willing, ready, passionate about going, but God told us to put the brakes on.

From conversations we’ve had, it also seems that a conclusion many have come to for us not going is that the funds just didn’t come in. What’s ironic is that in the end, The Navigators told us that we could go even if we weren’t fully funded!! Even more ironic is that at the time, that was the last thing we wanted to hear.

I had actually been praying that if God wanted us to stay, it would be about the finances. That we wouldn’t be able to get fully funded and we could tell people it was about the economy. That’s something that everyone could understand, right? I think I even asked God, please give us a “cover story,” something that we can tell people other than having to say ‘God said so.’ So when we heard The Navs give us the green light, my heart fell. I knew that was the Lord, taking away every other option for why we were staying.

At this point, we have some understanding for why we aren’t going right now, but certainly not the full story. And that’s enough for us because God said so.


Joanna said...

I admire you both.

Anonymous said...

Praising God for ALL 3 of you! So glad you are sticking around the Mpls/St.Paul area for awhile!! Love, Missy