Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pushin Broom

Encouragement sometimes comes from strange places.  One of my (Tim) all time favorite bands is Tourniquet, a metal band that hit the scene around 1990 and made some amazing music over the years.  They are mostly known for their incredible drummer, deep lyrics which were often inspired by medical terminology, and a singer with good enough diction to actually understand him.  One of my favorite songs is "Pushin Broom", from their 1995 album Vanishing Lessons.  It is a reminder to be faithful in the little things before we can expect God to give us bigger things.  The song says that sometimes we have be content to push a broom and not try to speed along God's plan for us while the voice in our heads tells us that we are wasting our lives.  Only when we ignore that voice and seek to be faithful with what we know God has for us will we be able to take that next step.  I feel like that song speaks to my situation.  Working at Costco is a blessing and I am grateful to have some income but I am also longing for the day when I am back in full time work that I find more fulfilling.  However, I must constantly remind myself not to look ahead but to seek the Lord now and enjoy what he has for me today.  The extra time with my family is a true blessing and someday I'll look back at that with gratitude.  In the meantime, I will work on being faithful and keep pushing that broom.

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Anonymous said...

"Push it good"
-Salt n Peppa