Sunday, June 06, 2010

We love our pastor

Today at church we celebrated twenty years of service at Bethel Christian Fellowship of our pastor, Jim Olson.  We also celebrated his completion of a PhD from Bethel Seminary.  Our church is so blessed to have such a caring and multi-talented pastor.  Heidi and I have two memories of Pastor Jim (we'll call him PJ in this blog entry).  First, when we found ourselves at Children's Hospital in Mpls with our sweet, five day old Jackson, PJ came and encouraged us.  It was the hardest time of our lives, taking the little guy to the ER and seeing him go through a battery of tests after we had not slept the entire night, and we appreciated PJ's visit so much.  Second, last summer, when we struggling through the decision to not go to Africa, PJ was with us in the struggle.  He then went on his Sabbatical but made sure that we were left in good hands with Pastor Dave Ogren.  Pastor Dave O was awesome and we appreciated PJ's wisdom in knowing that Pastor Dave O would take care of us.  When PJ returned from his Sabbatical he spent some time encouraging us even though he surely had plenty to keep him busy.  On top of taking care of us, he is an outstanding preacher.  We love PJ and feel so blessed to have him as our pastor.

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