Monday, September 20, 2010

We have tenants!

Finally, after 2 months, we have tenants again in the upper unit of our duplex.  Apparently the housing market is not just bad for sellers but also for landlords, so it took a long time to get people.  A month or so ago there were two guys who wanted to live there but their current landlords called them "the worst tenants we've ever had and no one comes close", so we passed on them.  Even though we did not want to take Section 8 (paid for by our tax dollars), we felt that we did not have much choice anymore and the family that moved in on Friday is a Section 8 tenant.  The advantage of Section 8 is that the rent is guaranteed by the government but the disadvantage is having to deal with government regulations.  When we first tried to get approved for Section 8, the inspector gave us a list of things wrong with the unit that needed to be fixed.  We thought is was super nit-picky but did everything anyway.  Now it's done and we are good for a year or so.  It was painful to see our savings account get beat up like Rocky Balboa but now we can get a break for a little while and try to save up some money again.  We are grateful for the Lord's favor to get this done.

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