Thursday, October 06, 2005

Concert review: Petra Farewell Tour

I (Tim), being a long time Petra fan, felt the pull to Club 3 Degrees on Friday, September 30, 2005 to see them on their last tour. By the way, Club 3 Degrees is a sweet venue. If you live in the Twin Cities, you need to check it out. Petra took the stage after three forgettable opening acts and rocked the mostly over 35 years old crowd. After all these years, they still know how to rock. They played a few songs off their most recent album, but mostly focused on the old stuff. I was thrilled to hear such classics as "This Means War", "It is Finished", "Minefield", "Dance", "The Coloring Song", and "Road to Zion". While it is true that John and Bob are pretty dorky, I admire their hearts for ministry and love for the Lord. Christian music in 2005 does not hold a candle to bands like Petra, Whiteheart, Mastedon, Bride, and Whitecross in their prime. Those guys had it right. Wow. I feel old. Anyway, it was a great concert.


Unknown said...

You might be old, but you sure are cute!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing they are still touring and doing songs. I would have loved to have been there

AKA Doogie