Friday, January 06, 2006

A brief rant by Tim

I realize that criticizing the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is a little like fishing for carp with a shotgun, but I have to rant for a moment. They have a show in its 2nd season called “Exalt Him”, which is their Christian version of American Idol. (Probably without snarky judges.) The winner of the contest gets a contract as a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) artist. As Christians, why do we settle for the Christian version of something instead of creating something new and exciting? Does the world need a new CCM star or another Left Behind movie or cheesy Christian romance novel? Christians end up looking like a bunch of idiots. I hope no non-Christians ever watch TBN. It is just so embarrassing. Am I being too harsh?

Why can’t the Church be on the cutting edge of creativity? I get my hopes up when musicians like Project 86 and Sixpence None the Richer hit the scene and put out something truly creative. Why can’t this be the norm and not the exception? I am holding out hope for a film coming out next month called “The Second Chance”, which is directed by Steve Taylor and stars Michael W. Smith. If Steve Taylor has proven anything since his first album in 1983, it is that he is not willing to settle for mediocrity. My hopes are high.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my rant.


Anonymous said...

You don't think that Megiddo and The Omega Code were top notch movies?

The religious masses have been brainwashed into thinking that mediocrity is as good as it gets. The people who watch TBN are taught to believe that they shouldn't be part of the world, but miss the part that the should be in the world.

Take heart, though, there are people who know better. The church used to be the leading edge in the arts. My old worship leader's vision for their church is to take the arts back from the world.

And no, you aren't being too harsh...


Jess, Kristi & Bohdan said...

I have to agree that the Church is no longer a mover in the United States anymore. We are trying to play catch up and are losing ground doing it.
There have been several movements in the USA that have begun to kill the mesage of the Church. The first was with all this politicly corectness BS. People are so scared to stand up for what they believe anymore because they might affend someone. I know no one likes to have sin pointed out in there life but the truth hurts. The second major movement has been within the gays rights movement. I will not even get started on what is so wrong with all that.
The last thing the Church is allowing to happen is with the way our government is being run. The church used to have a vioce in politics and used to be the moral indicator for the nation and for what ever reason we have become almost non existant in those categories.
I know I am in shock and disbelief about what is happing to our society. I can not even imagine what Jesus must think. Of course it will be even worse in the years to come. Anyway touchy subject with me about all this good post.

Anonymous said...

Ads for the psyhic hotline are usually more spiritually uplifting then most programming on TBN.