Friday, January 27, 2006

Time for a blog about something other than football!

I'm not sure where all my time goes these days, but things have seemed incredibly busy lately. I'm still adjusting to my new 5am schedule at Starbucks and I usually end up sleeping an extra 3 or 4 hours on my day off sleeping in order to have the strength to make it through the week. (prayer point: please pray that God would continue to provide me with adequate energy. I am so thankful that His power is made perfect in my weakness!) We're also taking a class called Perspectives which requires a lot of additional time. While this class is a part of our training for M:MM there is still a lot that needs to be done, or at least started!

Life gets so busy and it's easy for me to get overwhelmed, especially when I am tired and not feeling well. I have been meditating on parts of scripture where Jesus calls us to cast our cares upon him and take up his burden, while laying our own at his feet. In the midst of the crazy lives that we have built for ourselves, God wants us to set ourselves to seek Him, to dedicate time each day and focus on nothing but Him. I pray that today, we would all be able to enter into this.


Anonymous said... is Tim doing? Is he crying every night because the Broncos blew it big? I pray that he is ok. Ha Ha..ok sorry you wanted to get away from football. Was just wondering if you are at your permanent spot now for Starbucks? Would like to come visit and get some coffee from ya some time. Later. Matty D

Unknown said...

Yeah, I work at Grand and Oxford in St. Paul. Right off of Lexington. Check us out sometime! I don't work past 5pm though, so you'll have to come early.

Anonymous said...

Got a meeting in St. Paul on Friday so I will swing by for some coffee around 9. Looking forward to some good coffee from the Starbucks Girl...Heidi! See ya then. Matty D