Tuesday, September 26, 2006

life in CO

Hey ya'll! We are still alive out here in CO. We had a fantastic time at the Glen Eyrie Castle (Navigator land) and met a ton of terrific new friends. Even performed a song and dance at one point. Had a chance to make it all the way up Pike's Peak yesturday and chilled out at the summit house with some tasty doughnuts. We took a cog train, it was cool. Will post pics when we get home. We have our very first fundraising appointment tonight!!! Yikes! We are excited though, it will be fun to share our hearts with Tim's folks friends. Hope you're all doing well!


Anonymous said...

I can help fund raise. I give you money for blond haired boy. If he marathon he is lean yes? Make him more expensive...consider $500 for blond hair boy steaks


Unknown said...

ok "daddy"

Anonymous said...

Steve Irwin killer