Monday, September 18, 2006

touch down

If any of you saw the reports of the storm that hit out in the western suburbs on Sat night, you saw my parents neighborhood. A tornado touched down in Rogers, MN this weekend and completely destroyed many homes in my folk's neighborhood. Fortunately, their house sustained pretty minor damage and they were both ok. I was pretty freaked out though when I couldn't get ahold of them right away! We are overwhelmed with thankfulness to God that they weren't injured.

Trip update: so far so good. We have had a wonderful time visiting with friends that we haven't seen in a long time. I will post some pics when we get home, but we saw the Irby's on Sat, which was lovely and lots of fun and last night we had dinner with a bunch of Tim's friends from high school which was also really fun. Tonight we will be wined and dined (minus the wine) by the Rectors who always feed us way too much amazing food! But we're not complaining! We even skipped lunch to have more room for their incredible cooking! (Just kidding, we ate lunch)

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