Monday, July 16, 2007


A huge, amazing, and wonderful THANK YOU to everyone who helped
out at our work day on Saturday. We are so thankful to you! We got a
ton done in the yard and everything looks great. A special thanks to
Mom and Brenda who helped me sweep the nasty cobwebs from the
basement ceiling. We may all be suffering from the black lung now,
but hey, it was worth it!! (A nasty, nasty job.)

Candace, Stan and Matt rockin' and rollin' painting the steps.

Brenda showing off her muscles. I know, I can't see them either.
(That sweet truck is for sale BYW, talk to Eric Unger.)

Tim and Eric (our mulch master) working with the
manure-soaked wood chips.

There were more people helping us than what is represented in these photos but by the time I decided to take pics, Candace had just painted the steps so I had to wait a while and by then a few folks had to go. We are humbled and blessed by your sacrifice of a Saturday and praise God for such great friends. Thanks!!


Kari Smith said...

Yeah! I'm glad you got a lot done at your place! Sorry I couldn't be there to help and sorry I missed the ghetto bbq as well. We will have to have you guys over for another grill out and game night post youthworks summer!

Laurie T said...

Hi guys! I am sorry I couldn't come and pitch in too...would have been a good time to see your mom too! Your place looks nice. . .I have actually been busy helping one of my brothers find a new place (apt. to rent) - have you had any callers on your upper level?