Thursday, October 18, 2007

Football and other stuff

I (Tim) guess I am spoiled when it comes to football. The Broncos have had one losing season in the last twelve. They make the playoffs more often than not and enjoy one of the best home field advantages in the league. Just two seasons back the Broncos were just one game short of the Super Bowl. I am certainly not used to seeing my favorite team destroyed in Denver while looking inept in every phase of the game. If they lose on Sunday night to the Pittsburgh Steelers then their season is pretty much over. I was hoping for better in the last season I will experience before moving to Africa. Maybe that means they will win the Super Bowl while I am over there. That wouldn’t be so bad.

Our support has been coming in faster lately. Not including our church’s support, we are at 50%. We are excited for the momentum but also thinking about how much we have left to do. Busy days are ahead. We feel so blessed and are not worried.

I bought the Transformers on DVD, but have not had time to watch it yet. There was a bonus DVD called Beginnings that was included. Heidi and I did watch that one. It is only 19 minutes long and super lame. I am pumped to watch the best movie of 2007 again. Mmmm. Large robots destroying each other. Mmmm.

Heidi sure did look cute when I left for work this morning.

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Dan said...

It was your imagination. Heidi is translucent in the morning and hard to see.