Friday, December 14, 2007

Bad Broncos and other, more serious thoughts

My Denver Broncos stunk the place up something fierce last night. It would have been an even worse experience if not for Grant and Jen’s hospitality. (Dinner and dessert was great. Thanks, Jen.) The Broncos were clinging to a faint hope of the playoffs with a win, but came out flat and uninspired. The Texans pushed around the Broncos offensive line while sacking Jay Culter at least 4 times, the Broncos had almost no pass rush and could not stop the run, and the special teams constantly gave the Texans a short field and the Broncos a long field. Only Brandon Marshall and Jason Elam gave the Broncos an outstanding performance. Cutler was not bad, but he never had time to throw since Mario Williams was on him all night like ugly on a Raiders fan. With two games left against teams bound for the playoffs the Broncos are likely to finish with the 3rd losing season since I was in high school. At least it will all be over soon.

I have been processing the Sunday murders in Colorado and still cannot wrap my mind around those events. Heidi and I have loose associations with both YWAM and New Life Church and it just does not seem real. My home state has seemed like a magnet for evil in the last few years (the Chuck E Cheese shootings, shootings at Columbine and Platte Canyon high schools, and Sunday’s tragedy.) Any wisdom that people have for me would be appreciated.

Someone is still interested in buying our house. Thanks to everyone who has been praying and please continue so we can move that bad boy and get to Africa!

Heidi sure does look cute when she is making Christmas cookies!

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