Thursday, January 24, 2008

cute baby, moving annoucement, and Senegal update

This is kind of a long blog, so if you don't read the whole thing, here's my major announcement: we're moving on Saturday and could use some help :) Give us a call if you want to move some boxes from St. Paul to Mpls on Sat. afternoon!!

I realized I never posted any photos of the new addition to our home, baby Corban Paton Carlson. This is him! Wrapped in the sweet blanket I made for him. What a cutie.I know you can't really see him, so if you want a closer look check out the Carlson's blog at for many more shots of this little McCutie.

We have loved living with these good friends, what a blessing they have been to us. Living in community has it's moments, but it is a very worthy investment. We feel privileged to have been here to see Corban's arrival up close and personal. And it was a good reality check on having kids for me, he is SO cute, but SO much work. A great blessing for Tim and I has been the opportunity to pray with our roomies, share trials, triumphs, burdens, and blessings.

We are moving back into our house, though. The one we own. The missionaries who were staying there have moved on and we figured we might as well move back in if we're paying the mortgage and all. So this Saturday if you're sitting around thinking, what can I do today? We'll be moving, so come on over! (It's supposed to warm up as well.) We have a couple people to help, 2 small but mighty ladies, so if you're around, give us a call if you can help. It won't take too long, we don't have much stuff at the Carlson's. We have one truck, but could always use another. Thanks, friends!

It is actually a little bitter sweet moving back into the house. We were planning on being headed to Senegal at this point, arriving there in February. Our teammates, Joe and Cara, arrived in Dakar last weekend. The Lord has different plans and different timing for us though, as we wait for our home to sell. There are moments of deep pain and we feel the loss of not being with our team and feeling like we are just waiting...waiting...waiting for movement. There are also moments of assurance, when we know we are in the right place, waiting for God's timing in His perfect will. And He has provided strength as we wait upon Him. Our plans may not have happened, but that's the great thing about our plans versus His plans, He holds time is his hands and overrides our plans when need be! So we are persevering and searching to find His intimate direction at this point in the journey. We trust Him with all that we are and we know we will get to Africa when the timing is right!


Sarah said...

Blessings on your move. And keep up the positive'll have a much nicer time on the journey :) We are praying for you both!

philthecarl said...

I never saw this post - you are so sweet. It was an incredible joy to have you with us, teaching us about perseverance and commitment. May the Lord bless you as you continue to pursue him in Africa! You are going to do well!

PS - Corban tells us everyday how much he misses you (we miss you too).