Friday, January 11, 2008

Tim talks to a cat

This morning when I finished my run, I walked the last quarter of a block to our place. There was a cat standing on the sidewalk unafraid of me as I walked up. I patted him/her (I did not check for gender) on the head and said hello and kept walking. When I was taking out my key to go inside, I realized that my new friend had followed me home and walked up to the door to go inside. After petting him/her a little, I had to explain to kitty that his/her fur made Heidi sick and that he/she could not come in. At that point, I realized that I was talking to a cat, so I went inside.

Like last weekend, Heidi and I have a couple birthday celebrations to attend this weekend. Happy birthday Patrick and Danita! (Happy Late Birthday to Eric and Grant.) We are looking forward to seeing some friends. Since Patrick’s party has a 1980s theme, I am planning to tight roll my pants and wear my Denver Broncos half shirt. I am hoping nobody has a camera.

Tim’s picks for this weekend’s NFL playoff games:
Packers beat Seahawks
Patriots pound Jaguars
Colts mercilessly pummel Chargers
Giants squeak past Cowboys

Tim loves Heidi more than football.

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Veronica said...

Hey Tim - three picks out of four isn't bad! We're looking forward to seeing you guys later this week!