Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sometimes you need encouragement. More than any other kind of art, music can lift the soul. A couple nights ago, I (Tim) needed my spirits lifted. I was assembling diapers and listening to music on my Ipod. The first song that came up was “Horizon” by 38th Parallel. They are an obscure band that broke up after one album but it was an excellent album. I won’t quote the lyrics but the song basically reminds us of God’s promises. It was what I needed. Another song I always listen to when I need a pick me up is “The Sun Will Shine Again” by Rob Rock, another obscure artist. That one reminds me that no matter what happens, the sun will rise tomorrow. I have never found a song that lifts my spirits in the same way. The theme that both songs have in common is God’s promise that He will be with us. Not that life will be easy but that He will be there to walk us through.

Please leave comments on songs that encourage you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Timmy,

I typically get encouraged listening to Shane and Shane, just simple praise to God usually does it for me. Songs like Before the Throne of God Above and Embracing Accusation of of Pages gets me going. But of songs that speak to me personally, David Crowder's You're Everything truly speaks to me, also an old classic Listen to our Hearts by Steven Curtis and Geoff Moore. Robbie Seay Band has a song Better Days which has been instrumental in the past year.

Anonymous said...

I'm digging Reliant K right now. I picked up their Christmas album and absolutely loved them - and my kids were bouncing off the walls. Then I picked up their "Bee Sides" album and I like that, too. It's just fun music, and encouraging because it brings a smile to my face.