Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An update in pictures

Am I confused, or do I have gas?

I love this blankie my great grandma made me.

How cute am I in my bathtime get-up? I love bathtime.

Just hanging out in my basket.

Well, Jackson is keeping us busy, but learning to sleep better at night. I have even gotten 8 consecutive hours a couple nights! Waittago little guy! We sure do love him and praise God for this addition to our family.

Fundraising is also keeping us busy and we are still pressing on to leave for Senegal this July.


Am said...

He's getting so big and alert! How fun!

Kari Smith said...

He is stinkin' adorable in his little bath time getup!! If you guys ever need a couple hours to yourselves between feedings feel free to drop the little guy off with me at 3012! The Global Market is right down the block and a great little "date" spot! :)

Unknown said...

ok "baby whisperer," we just may!