Thursday, April 30, 2009

1 car family

We are now a 1 car family. The Mazda, which I (Tim) bought from friends in 2001, is no longer in our possession. We had decided to go down to one car before our trip to CO since and save money on insurance. Initially we put the Mazda on Craig's List to see if we could get some money. Since there were a few things wrong with it, we could not get much. When I was in the shower on Monday, I felt that the Lord wanted us to give the car away. I had put something on Facebook about the car and a friend indicated that her family could use it. Right after I got that message I took the Mazda for a oil change. After causually mentioning that I was getting rid of the car, a guy at the Valvoline shop offerred me $550 for it. Heidi and I talked and decided that even though the money would look nice in our account, we needed to be obedient to God and give the car away. Our friends were happy to get the car and we feel much more peace about giving it away than selling it. It was a good car and served us well and hopefully it will serve our friends well for a few more years.


Cara Herzberg said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I am encouraged by your obedience. We once received a free car in a desperate time of need, and it was such a sweet provision from the Lord. Bless you guys.

Anonymous said...

Dude! What you do in the shower is none of my business. :)