Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living in Suburbia

We have successfully moved all of our belongings into Heidi's parent's house in Rogers, MN. If you are wondering where Rogers is, you are not alone. It is an outer ring suburb of Minneapolis, about a 30 minute drive Northwest of downtown. The only real bummer of being here is the long drive every time we go anywhere. The positives are many, but they include grandparents who hold Jackson every chance they get, an open basement to sort our belongings and store them while we are in Africa, and a deck for grilling and chilling. Running in this area is horribly boring but I hope to find some interesting trails. The first couple nights I had trouble sleeping because it was so quiet but I am getting used to it.

Our house is almost rented out but not quite. The process has taken much longer than usual but we are hanging in there and waiting it out. We should have some answers about potential tenants this week.

There has been a ton of offseason activity for my beloved Denver Broncos and almost none of it has been good. I think that the owner will regret firing Coach Shanahan, Jay Cutler will regret demanding a trade, and the Broncos will not win 8 games next year. I guess this is a good time to go to Africa. Maybe they'll be good again in 12 years. I was hoping that at least Cutler would get traded to the Vikings and my second favorite team would have a chance but I guess the Vikings enjoy mediocre quarterback play.

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