Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pictures from our trip so far

On our way out to Colorado, we stopped in Iowa to visit some friends and then Nebraska to visit Heidi's grandparents and a couple aunts.Here is Jackson with his momma and his maternal Grandmother, Jackie.

Here is baby Jackson with his Grandpa Jack. Yes, his grandparents are Jack and Jackie.

just chillin' in the nursing home

Jackson with his great great auntie Frankie

somewhere in NE at a rest stop feeding the babe. so far so good! we are now at the Glen Eyrie Castle on the grounds where Navs headquarters is and will meet with a few folks tomorrow. Colorado is stunning as usual and we had forgotten how beautiful the Glen is :)


Cara Herzberg said...

So it's Jack, Jackie, and Jackson. NICE!

Lyn said...

Itsnice to see the pictures, but it doesn't compare to holding him! Nana
Say, you labeled my parents as Jackson's grandparents instead of great grandparents!