Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiny Town

Tiny Town is what you would expect it to be. It's a tiny town in Morrison, Colorado, in the foothills, just outside of Denver. Jackson slept most of the time but everyone else enjoyed it. Tim's brother Larry came along, too.
It's a town that is just his size. He liked hanging out at the Opera House.
There is a tiny train that we got to ride for $1 each.
Heidi loves all things small, so she loved Tiny Town.

This outing was already a week and a half ago, so we are falling behind on posts. Our language training has gone well and we will give an update on it soon.


Anonymous said...

I crush you and your tiny town between my fingers like a bug! :)

Am said...

That picture of Jackson is so funny! I'm sure Heidi loved Tiny Town!

Amy Chase Mann said...

I wanna go again! But I want to go with you guys! I hope Larry gets to see these pics. They're great! Could you send them to me? Miss you guys!

Unknown said...

Tiny Town wasn't open for the season when we were there this spring...Grant was bummed. Glad you made it!

m said...

I love all things tiny too!!! Too cute :)