Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playing catch-up

Before we post some (of the many) pics from SPLICE, we need to catch up and a put up a few from PILAT, the language program that we attended first.Here is a picture of our class along with all the teachers. What an intense couple weeks!

Bryan and Sarah are some fellow Navs that we met a couple years ago at a fundraising conference, they do collegiate work in Oregon. And they were in CO at the same time for another conference with The Navigators. It was great to see them and introduce our boys!
Our new friend Laurie from PILAT who will also be serving in Senegal!

Over Memorial weekend, we also got to see some good friends up in Boulder and meet their little guy!! Mandy and I were college roomates and she and Kyle live in Wyoming now. The Denver area has served us well as a great meeting point!

Now we are at the Glen for about 40 hours for a little sabbath rest and family debriefing time before we head home. It just didn't seem right to finish 5 weeks of intensity and jump in the car to head back to our new normal. SPLICE was amazing and I think we will continue to process all we learned for a while. Some on the blog, some in our journals! But there are more thoughts and pictures to come.

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Joanna said...

I'm SO jealous! An info reunion! We were JUST there last weekend, and we totally missed out. Dang.