Thursday, July 23, 2009

dear friends and random mountain cars

I am still playing catch-up from blogging about our time out in Colorado, so here's another one:

Tim and I were out there for 5 weeks of training, a 2 week session and a 3 week session. There were 2 families and 1 single guy that were there with us all 5 weeks and they really became dear friends to us. (Sorry James, I don't actually have a pic of you! But we love you!)
Steve and Julie, aka "grandpa" Steve and "auntie" Julie :) They are headed to Mozambique and we had a wonderful time getting to know them!

This family was another favorite. Here are Angie and Tom, but we couldn't wrangle their 4 beautiful kids for the picture. We had a blast with these guys. Angie and I decided we were best friends that hadn't met yet....or was that me and Kate...? I can't remember. Either way, I love 'em all! Praise God for new friends, you can't ever get enough in my book.

Now the problem with going through an intense training session with missionaries, and this goes for everyone we met at MTI, is that you get to know these incredible people and then they scatter to the nations. By the end, we wanted to be on the same team as everyone we met!!! We definitely made some life-long friends.
Here's our random mountain car.
While hiking Queen's Canyon at The Glen, we came across this random car near the top of the mountain and no one at the facility (that we asked) has any idea where it came from. Super weird. There was no trail from the top indicating that it came crashing down and it was evident that it had been there awhile, but not through a winter. Weird.....random mountain car.

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