Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jackson's time at MTI

At MTI we needed to utilize the on-site childcare for Jackson so that Tim and I could get the most out of the training. I was a little dubious, but it ended up being a great opportunity. So here are some pics of the great time Baby Jack had ad the great friends he made!"Grandpa" Steve was a special favorite of Jackson's, I think it was the Oklahoma accent! He just LOVED listening to Steve talk or sing to him.

Miss Kate was also a special friend to Jackson, they spent many a mealtime together while Tim and I ate :) Thanks again, Kate!!

Little Andrew was Jackson's buddy in daycare, they would lay and look at each other. haha

And last but certainly not least, is Michelle, who took GREAT care of our little guy for 5 weeks straights. She set us at ease and did a fabulous job.

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