Friday, November 27, 2009

Some photo updates

We made the treck to WI to see Tim's sister a few weeks back, it has been awhile and it was great to see them.

Jackson is such a great kid. And I think as far as babies go, he's pretty easy too. For now anyway.... :P Here he is checking out the swings at the park.

Finally a picture of our little chicken on Halloween


Am said...

That costume is too cute! I'm laughing outloud!

Emily said...

Corban was a chicken too! Great minds think that would be you and my friend Bekah who handed it to me minutes before we were making the rounds to mooch off of her various family members :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the pics--we'll have to get together for more photo ops with the boys soon!! Jackson sure looks cute!


Anonymous said...

I love the costume! That is so cute.

Ellen C

Kari Smith said...

Ummmmm...that is one of the most adorable costumes I have ever seen! ;)