Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today is a good day. Tim started a seasonal job at Cosco this afternoon and right before he left, he got a call for an interview for Monday for a job he's really interested in. AND we just found out that we have a signed, 18-month lease for the upstairs of our duplex. Wow. Exclamation points can't even scratch the surface of how thrilled we are. This is like the best day of my life!

Even with a full duplex, the rent we are bringing in is still quite shy of our mortgage, but we rejoice that it's full nonetheless. The coolest thing about all this is that about a month ago God told me that when things started to happen for, the provision was going to get a jump-started. Praise the LORD for His faithfulness.

We sure have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Am said...

Yipee! Wow just before Thanksgiving! So glad things are going well for you. Have a great holiday!